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Moment from Shomy’s diary

Hey! You are reading my Personal Diary, where I discuss my random ongoing thoughts

Like today, i got my first “NO” from my buisness investors, a “NO” that really broke my heart as i have invested all my time and piggy bank money into it. well I went to the kitchen for something, all sunken in thoughts and ended up making a cup of tea for me. I started to realise that I am in big trouble because all my money got stuck.

Anxiety hits me so deep, but i try to calm my self so I grab a corner sofa and started sipping my tea,sip by sip, slowly and gradually i figured out there are some other investors in my knowledge that might like to look into my stuff and may be anyone of them would invest in me.

My tea was getting less in my cup and my troubles in my mind. It eventually make me feel like putting a pen to a paper and write this beautiful relationship of troubles with tea.


Why I am so Miserable?

Hey you are a woman! You have nothing to do! You are sitting at home, cooking food only mopping floor of your own house is not a big deal!

Stop venting about your misery!

I am not a decoration piece that you have placed at your home to beautify your living area, I am breathing can you see, I am also a living being. I owned a life way before I got you in my life. Nothing is same with me now, I am missing my previous life where I was shining and everybody pay respect to me. Look at me now, I don’t even have time to look at myself just because I have to look after your house, your parents, your dog, your kids & after all that you should be thankful to me instead of saying WHY ARE YOU SO MISERABLE? WHY ARE YOU NOT THE SAME PRETTY GIRL WHOME I GOT MARRIED?

Look at me I have given my best to serve you, I love you from the core of my heart, and I am doing this all for free, not asking for anything but you can’t take me for granted I am the most powerful analgesic of your life as I am absorbing all your pain and giving you relief when you come to me.


Junk and its effects

from internet

Junk food Effects on the Health of Children.
Junk foods are everywhere. In schools, colleges, hospitals, offices one can find junk food almost pole to pole. There is no specific count of age which we can claim that are fond of junk food. People have developed there and now it is impossible to eliminate junk food from their lives.

Obesity causing junk food

from American society of Nitrition

Obesity is the most highlighted issue related to junk food. Junk food has a high percentage of carbohydrates and calories, which directly disturbs the nutritional value of your body. Pizzas, burgers, and beverages are concentrated with unknown carbs and ingredients to make them so delicious and tempting for children. High-calorie foods are addictive. According to [i]How Junk foods affect children, children who consume junk food and high-calorie beverages, are less inclined towards Milk, Vegetables, and fiber food.

Junk Food Messing with teen mind

from jnj.com

According to an article from Science News for Students junk foods[ii] are common in children of teenagers. Teenage children from 10-19 age are still in process of brain development. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes you ‘feel good’ it’s a ‘rewarding chemical’ of your brain. When children eat junk food, they feel good, the pleasure that they get after this experience urge them to bow towards junk food as compare to homemade or nutritional food.
It is easy to grab a burger from the corner of the street than to carry a lunch box.

from healthline

Fast food or junk food is found to be related to depression in teenage children. Fats, sugar, and calories present in junk are found to cause inflammation of the brain. According to [iii]some research junk food including Meat and other processed food cause inflammation of the body and brain.
[iv]Another research told depressed people tends to show more inflamed brain as compared to non-depressed people.

The narcissism of teenage child due to junk food

from psych central

Depression leads to narcissism. Growing age requires a balanced diet because at teenage your developing brain sense everything. Junk food has a high percentage of sugar, fats, and cholesterol. On one side high sugar causing a “reward feeling” to the brain, on the other side causing obesity and laziness. Aa per [v]“Kids Health club magazine” Children who consume more junk food tend to show less brain activity due to malnutrition causing them to perform less at their cognitive levels and unhealthy weight gain leading them to feel inferior from rest.

Chronic Disease

from American society for nutrition

Junk food all over the world causing a high risk of heart failure, diabetes, and heart stroke.
The [vi]center for food safety in 2012 shows that Children who consume more junk food have more tendency to develop high cholesterol leading to Heart disease in a short period of their life. Junk food always comes with beverages concentrated in sugar, causing diabetes. Diabetes has no cure, only medicines though out life and minimum negligence leads to premature death.


Getting junk food is not an issue these days. Restaurants are also offering home deliveries. Problems related to junk food are crucial but the solution is very easy just tune your life to some healthy and fibrous diet. Make time for some exercise. Schools, colleges, and other children’s activity institutes should take measures to promote healthy and hygienic food. Parents should also keep eye on their child’s daily consumptions of food.

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[ii] https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/junk-foods-can-harm-teen-brains
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[vi] https://healthyeating.sfgate.com/fighting-drowsiness-caffeine-2935.htm

Breathing with Regrets

hey! you are reading my Personal Diary.

“Mostly you regret things you did not do.” (unonymous)
I hope you all can connect when i say i have one regret each day!
Most often we regret about things we planned but never executed;
•going to beach
•being in touch with oldfriends
•planning vacation
•responding to bullies
•spending quality time with kids
•not getting favourite degree
etc etc
so what!!!What done has been done,, just focus what are we going to do in present.It is of no use to start pitty party.Donot loose your present for the past.As days are changing into months and months into years, what ever you have is present so live it to the most.

Faith is first step of Character

If you lose faith, you lose all.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Hey you are reading my personal diary! Welcome

Do you actually know what Faith is?

Faith is looking in the mirror and having a Confidence that i am beautiful, no opinions required, Faith is knowing that when you speak you are making point, no affirmations required, Faith is when you make something you know it is meaningful,no judgements required. Faith is having an idea that my vicotry is going no where because i am trying..

So, compose yourself & keep your attitude right.Try one more time and relax, every thing will fall into a place. Dont step back,efforts will show their reults.Have FAITH😇

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